Sewline Glue Pen

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This clever glue stick means the end of sewing around pins! 

  • A water-soluble blue glue that dries clear is a quick, convenient way to hold fabrics for sewing.
  • Great for quilting and applique work but also for hemming and general sewing.
  • Dries clear. This specially developed glue is coloured to be easily seen and then it dries clear after a few minutes.
  • Re-positionable. Once glued, the fabric pieces can be pulled apart, so not to worry if they are misplaced or need to be adjusted.
  • No pins needed. No more fiddling with pins and trying to sew around them!
  • Now, just run the Sewline Glue Pen along a fabric edge to then hold the fabric pieces together.  
  • Refills available.

Easy to use:

  • To extend glue stick hold the fluted grip and turn the barrel clockwise.
  • Lightly press glue stick to edge of fabric and guide along length. Press down the top fabric to adhere the two pieces.
  • Always replace cap to avoid the glue stick drying out.
  • Easy to refill
  • Hold the fluted grip and turn barrel to expose the white base cap of the glue stick remnant. Pull this cap from its holder and simply push on the new glue stick.
  • Turn barrel anti-clockwise to retract.

Note: Always test glue on a swatch of the fabric to be sure it reacts satisfactorily.