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Another fabulous item we have made using our Mini Charm packs.  Pencil Case 24cm x 20cm This Pencil case is great for storing your Hexi's as you work on them, or your rotary cutter and basic sewing supplies. But the possibilities are endless. As I sit here looking a it, I think the kids Ipad Minis may even fit inside them! Sweet. Tell me, what would you do with it? Supplies needed Mini Charm pack 40cm zip scrap of wadding 11" x 17" Firstly lay out your squares in 5 rows of 8. This is the fun part!  Now sew your rows together....

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Another fabulous item that can be made using our Mini Charm packs.  This box basket is great for the bathroom sink, wardrobe, thread catching, gift giving... and so much more. Tell me, what would you do with it? Measures 6" x 6" x 4.75" Firstly lay out your squares as shown below. Keep in mind the direction of prints for when the bag sides flip up.     On the outside edges we have cut the Mini Charm squares in half (1.25" x 2.5") as there isn't enough for full squares. Sew the squares into rows Join the rows. You...

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We love our Mini Charm packs here at Cobar Quilt Shop. We always have a large selection to choose from. They can make up into so many different things but today I'm going to show you how I made this gorgeous box zipper case. So What's in a Mini Charm pack?, you may ask...They have a packet of FORTY-TWO 2 1/2" squares and a fat quarter to match. We sell them for just $12.50 and for that price, they make great gifts for friends or colleagues. This bag measures 10cm x 10cm x 20cm and is perfect for sewing supplies,...

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