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Pillowcase Tutorial

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Round 3

Our last and final project using our Llama Love 8 is a gorgeous pillowcase complete with pom poms!
Every quilt we make should have a pillowcase and really, they're not that hard. I'm talking an hour, maybe 2 depending on how quick you sew. It's as important as a label really.
This pillowcase uses the final panel piece which I trimmed to 20" x 13"
I cut off 80cm/32" of Llama Love 4. I cut along the fold to get 2 pieces that were 32" x 20"
You don't have to include the pom poms if you don't want to but I think they add a nice touch on the side. I used 55cm and basted it along the left side of the panel. I like to baste it so there are less components I am pinning together. Less things to move out f place. I detest unpicking and really find this helps. I would definetely use your zipper foot when sewing this step to avoid the pom poms getting caught up on the J Foot.
Now put 1 of the 32" Llama Love 4 pieces, right sides facing, on top of the pom poms. Sew in place. Zig zag the raw edges.
Sew the remaining 32" Llama Love 4 piece on the right side of the panel. Zig Zag to seal the raw edges. Press towards the Pink and top stitch.
Press under 1/4" and then 1" on each short end. Top stitch close to the fold on both ends.
Lay your fabric piece out right side up. Fold right sides together along the pom pom seam. You should have a short side and a long side. The long side should be on the bottom like the picture below. Fold the right side back over to cover the other folded side. Well cover as much as it can anyway...
Pin well and sew down the long sides. Zig zag to seal the edges and turn right side out.
Give it a good press and then top stitch along the edge with the pom poms. 
Now you're done. But wait, did you see that there's still 2 more panels in different colours? What else can you think to do?
Next week we will have the tutorial on how we did the scrappy rose block at our workshop a couple weeks back. 

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